Another Mississippi Valley Fair is behind us and there's one nugget of wisdom I'd like to share with the QCA and general public.

We enjoyed a great MVF. The grandstand acts were fantastic. From Lil Jon & Ludacris tearing it up to Limp Bizkit & HARDY rocking it out. Bringing out the country music, we had a pre-fair grandstand show from Austin Snell & Tyler Farr, Sam Hunt, and Jordan Davis.

In short: we rocked, we rapped, we got country.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Here's The Thing About The Fair

One thing that makes the Mississippi Valley Fair so fun is that there's so much unique stuff to do. As always, your favorite radio stations (I-Rock 93.5, 97X, B100, and U.S. 104.9) were set up on Grandstand Way all day, everyday. This year, we were between a mechanical bull you could ride and on the other side, a bourbon tasting experience.

You could enjoy parades throughout the day, all kinds of live music, tons of different fair food vendors, rides, livestock exhibitions, and...

our Plinko board.

Advice For MVF 2024

I was of the understanding that Plinko is a pretty common game. I even saw it at the children's museum in Iowa City this weekend. Did we not all watch "The Price Is Right" at least once while we were home "sick" from school?

I could not believe how many adults had no idea how to play Plinko. I can totally understand teaching the kiddles how to do it, but not the grown, tax-paying adults. So before next year, let's review.

First off, it looks like this.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

What you do: See the pucks on the table? You lay the puck flat against the top of the board and drop it. That's it. Gravity does the rest. Wherever it lands is the prize you get. It doesn't matter where you drop it, since it can bounce all across the board.

What you do not do:

  • Throw the puck on the board
  • Tap the puck in the middle when it gets caught
  • Try to stick the puck on one of the sticks
  • Throw a fit if you don't win anything

My advice is to watch at least one episode of "The Price Is Right" before MVF 2024 (at the very least for your growth as a human) and learn to play the fun, gravitational game of Plinko.

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