The Monsters are coming to Moline.  Monster Jam 2024.

Saturday, May 4th at 1:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m. the Vibrant Arena at The Mark will be shaking with the family-friendly tons of steal flying around the arena.

Your chance to get the family in for free is below.

Monster Jam

You can experience the full-throttle family fun at Monster Jam when 12,000-pound monster trucks tear up the dirt in intense competitions of speed and skill.

World-class drivers will demonstrate technical skills in fierce head-to-head battles for the Event Championship.

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Some of the favorite trucks you'll be able to see include the legendary Grave Digger,Monster Mutt, Megalodon, and more.

The trucks will push the limits in Freestyle, Skills, Donut, and Racing competitions. Monster Jam also features breathtaking Freestyle Motocross exhibitions at their shows.

Do you know your Monster trucks?

Monster Truck wheels & undercarriage

Before getting those free tickets, test your family with these Monster Jam facts.

1 - How tall is a Monster Jam truck?

  • Answer: Monster Jam trucks stand approximately 12’ tall

2 - How much does each Monster Jam truck weigh?

  • Answer: Each Monster Jam truck weighs 12,000 pounds.

3 - How tall are official Monster Jam truck tires?

  • Answer: Each tire must be 66 inches tall.

4 - How much does each tire and wheel weigh?

  • Answer: 645 pounds

5 - How many hours does it take to hand paint a Grave Digger body?

  • Answer: 40 hours

6 - How much horsepower does the average Monster Jam truck have?

  • Answer: Approximately 1,500 horsepower –the equivalent of about 10 average cars.

Here is your chance to take the family to Monster Jam at Vibrant Arena on May 4 and wow them all with your knowledge of the Monster Jam trucks.

Listen to 97X, B100, I-Rock 93.5, and US 104.9 for your chance to win. To score you ticket for free thanks to us right here, get social with us below to sign up to win these tickets. If you're on a desktop or laptop computer, you need to get the app because this is an App Exclusive contest.

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