Super Bowl LVII happened on Sunday and like every Super Bowl, there are a ton of hilarious commercials. The best one, in our opinion, came from the makers of Iowa's favorite beer. What made it funny was the cameo from a star you may have seen in other commercials that have brought many to tears because of their love of animals.

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You remember Sarah McLachlan, right? The woman who sang the song, Angel.

You most likely remember that song from the ASPCA commercials that made us all cry and want to adopt all of the animals in those commercials, like these:

Sarah made a cameo in the Super Bowl commercial that we consider to be one of the best. The commercial wasn't for the ASPCA, instead, it was for Iowa's favorite beer, Busch Light.

In The Busch Guide commercial, the outdoorsman starts the commercial by saying,

"Three things are required in the great outdoors. Food, drink, and shelter."

This is where Sarah McLachlan enters the commercial.

Saying the beginning of her famous line from the ASPCA commercial,

"Hello. I'm Sarah McLachlan. For just dollars a day, you can help helpless animals find shelter."

To then be interrupted by the same outdoorsman cracking a cold Busch Latte and that makes a "Busch" sound at the same time. He tells Sarah,

"Wrong shelter, Sarah."

And lets her know that the "helpless" animal in the shelter with her is a wolf.

It was genius and hilarious. It's always great to see creativity come from the makers of Iowa's favorite beer.

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