A 67 year old Army vet passed away up in Wisconsin, and his family planned on burying him with his favorite guitar, which was a Fender Telecaster...It didn't happen SG

Randall Jourdan passed away in September of 2011. The father of 9 and grandfather of 29 was not only and Army Vet, but he loved playing guitar. His fav was his Fender Telecaster so family planned on the guitar being in the casket with him. But this creep, Steven Conard, who is a grounds worker at the cemetery that Mr. Jourdan was to be buried at, stole the guitar.

This Fender that is worth around $2000, was in the casket and Steven Conard a "musician" couldn't resist lifting it and adding it to his collection. Steven asked another grounds worker, if he would keep quiet if he stole the guitar...Well, Steven took it and the other worker told on him. Totally the right thing to do here.

This isn’t something I normally do, I just have a respect for fine musical instruments.” - Steven Conard

The family of Mr. Jourdan as you would imagine, were quite upset about this. Mr. Jourdan was a guitar player for 40 years and this was his request, to be buried with his favorite guitar.

The Wisconsin cemetery worker was arrested. When cops showed up at his home, the guitar was right there on the floor in his home for all to see.

The guitar was returned to the Jourdan family and the burial was officially completed.

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