If you're getting travel plans booked this year, there's one factor of flying you'll want to know about.

Flying is a stressful way to travel, especially if you have kids, because everything is out of your control. Flight got canceled? Too bad, find another one. Bags didn't make it? Well, guess you'll have to wait.

Most of us have flown at least once by now, so we're familiar not only with the flight attendants' safety spiels before takeoff, but also with just the obvious right ways to act at an airport so you're not a jerk.

Basic Etiquette

You already (or should already) know some of the more obvious parts of air travel etiquette: be ready with your ID at security, don't try to smush a "carry-on" that clearly won't fit into the overhead bin, don't stand up as soon as the plane lands, etc.

It's all a matter of patience. And what you don't want to be is one of the most insufferable, impatient people at the airport.

What Are 'Gate Lice'?

'Gate Lice', according to Business Insider, are these morons:


It's the people who hover around the gate line before their boarding zone is even called. Sometimes they crowd the line so much for people who are actually in the zone that's boarding. It's a pet peeve of many flight attendants and of course, it's obnoxious. Experts say gate lice have only gotten worse and more widespread since the pandemic "ended" in 2021.

I know you want to get on the plane ASAP, but sit. down. You're already at the gate, the plane is not going anywhere without you.

But you've likely at least thought about boarding before your zone is called. I've done it but it's not a game I care to play much. Experts say it depends on the gate attendant if you get in trouble or not. Rich Henderson, a flight attendant for 10 years, told Business Insider:

There are some gate agents that, if you're nice and just smile, and act like everything's normal, they won't care or they won't notice that you're not in that assigned zone. But there are others that if you're caught they will out you and they will shame you.

Patience is hard but consider this a reminder not to be 'gate lice' in your travels in 2024.

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