Have you ever seen someone win the lottery and immediately start kicking yourself? By no fault to the latest winner in Eastern Iowa, I'm a little upset at myself for not buying a lottery ticket at the same gas station she bought her winning ticket.

I was so close to buying the same scratch-off ticket but talked myself out of it for some reason. Either way, a huge congratulations goes out to a woman in Camanche for winning big with the Iowa Lottery.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Camanche Woman Wins Big

The Iowa Lottery announced that there was a big winner in Clinton County after this Camanche woman claimed her $50,000 lottery prize.

Amber Widener won the first top prize in the Iowa Lottery's new "$50,000 Super Crossword" scratch game. While I'm happy for Amanda, I'm upset at myself.

Why? She purchased her winning ticket at the Kwik Star location at 2321 Lincoln Way in Clinton. I was at that same gas station over the weekend and strongly thought about buying a scratch-off ticket from that same game. Did I not buy it because I'm cheap? Probably. Am I seriously frustrated I didn't buy it? Absolutely.

Amanda claimed her winnings on Monday at the lottery's Cedar Rapids regional office.

It looks like the $50,000 Super Crossword is the best scratch-off ticket to buy right now. Why? This $5 scratch game features 105 top prizes of $50,000. Your overall odds of winning the top prize of $50,000 are 1 in 3.26. That's dang good odds!

Next time, I'm buying that ticket. You're welcome, Amanda.

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