This is uncharted territory for me but it's a very good thing. It seems like we've been writing more stories about businesses closing in Iowa and Illinois than businesses opening.

Never in the time that I've been here have I seen a business essentially come back from the dead. The restaurant business is a tough one and to see a restaurant re-open is nothing short of spectacular.

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A sandwich shop on the Iowa side has announced that it is re-opening its doors after a long winter of having its doors closed. Hopefully, this time around the doors remain open for a very long time.

Iowa Sandwich Shop Is Making A Comeback

In a surprise social media post on Friday, March 29, 2024, the owners of the former Meatball's Sandwich Company (2317 Cumberland Square Drive) in Bettendorf gave everyone an awesome surprise.

They are re-opening Meatball's Sandwich Company!

Connor Kenney
Connor Kenney

Owners Kyle and Rachel Yohe announced that the restaurant will be closing its doors permanently back in November.

Originally opening the doors to Meatball's Sandwich Company on May 10, 2021, the popular Bettendorf deli shop has been a part of some controversy that had the Quad Cities talking.

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Quad Cities Pickle Wrap War Of 2021

In May of 2021, all anyone in the Quad Cities could talk about was pickle wraps and Meatball's Sandwich Company was at the heart of the great pickle wrap war. One of the items on Meatball's menu is pickle wraps. QC Local made this post promoting the new business in June 2021.

Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities
Connor Kenney/Townsquare Media Quad Cities

That same month, Meatball's Sandwich Company posted on social media a partnership with Cavort QC to raise money for the River Bend Food Bank and featured the controversial pickle wraps. Another local business owner didn't like that too much and the great pickle wrap war ensued. Refresh your brain here.

There were also some talks of a second Meatball's location opening in Davenport.

Meatball's Sandwich Company via Facebook
Meatball's Sandwich Company via Facebook
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Meatball's Closes Doors In November 2023

In a social media post announcing its closure back in November, the Yohes said that the restaurant portion of Meatball's Sandwich Company would be closing.

Clearly catering and pre-orders have been doing well for them. So well, they are reopening in April.

Meatball's Sandwich Company's Grand Re-Opening

On Friday, the announcement was made that Meatball's Sandwich Company will be re-opening the restaurant in April.

The announcement say that Meatball's will be having a grand re-opening on April 15th.

Glad to have them back open in the Quad Cities!

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