This is a dangerous situation and I'm not making light of it, but I have to wonder what the argument was that led to a Missouri woman allegedly driving miles down the highway with her husband on the hood of her vehicle.

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I first saw this story reported by Yahoo Auto (of course) sharing the story of a Vinita Park, Missouri lady who had a disagreement with a man. KMOV out of St. Louis is reporting that 38-year-old Stephanie Boyd is being charged with felony crimes of first-degree domestic assault and resisting arrest.

The stories claim that Stephanie and her husband got into an argument at their home and she took off in their car with him on the hood. The journey began on a city street and continued onto interstate 170 for over 4 miles. Yikes.

This terrifying (for him) journey allegedly went through a construction zone where an officer saw the spectacle and attempted to pull her over. The police report says that she continued for another half-mile after the officer tried to stop her which led to the fleeing and resisting arrest charge before she did stop.

The good news (if there is any in this story) is that it does not appear anyone was hurt. Stephanie is reportedly being held on $100,000 cash-only bond.

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