It's a brand new year and that means brand new rules. There is one change in Illinois that makes something that was illegal to do previously completely fine in 2024. Or, at least you can't be pulled over for it specifically. I'll attempt to explain.

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I've shared some new laws that went into effect in Illinois in 2024 not that long ago and NBC Chicago just did the same. They found a new one that I had not noticed and it's a big change for car lovers like me. It's Illinois House Bill HB 2389 which says (and I quote):

No vehicle shall be stopped or searched by law enforcement solely because of a violation of driving with any object placed or suspended between the driver and front windshield, rear windshield, side wings, or side windows.

Translation? You can have fuzzy dice or any object you please hanging from your rear view mirror or even side windows. Bobblehead hula girls for the win.

Thank you, Illinois. Displaying one's personality and creativity with objects hanging from the rear view mirror being legal is long overdue. This is our tax money doing good work I say.

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