This Loud List features big rock and metal musicians getting mad and storming offstage during a show.

Frustration and anger are completely natural human emotions and one of life's most challenging tasks is maintaining composure when these come into play. What may appear like a random or isolated incident are often the tipping point of a culmination of a lot of pent up feelings. And other times it's just unchecked rage that swells up out of nowhere and overtakes the moment with alcohol or other substances occasionally being the fuel to the fire.

Some reasons, however, are perfectly valid. If you're Nickelback getting pelted by rocks while trying to perform onstage in Portugal and you address the crowd only to face the continued ire of the audience, walking offstage is the only reasonable option. At that point, it's about personal safety, even if you're pretty mad at the situation.

It's not something many of these musicians are likely very proud of. For as much as we proclaim our heroes to be gods, it's important to remember that they are human just like us. They all have their own issues they face, which are not always in the public eye as much as we like to think we know about and understand their every move.

But this is also rock 'n' roll and tearing it up now and then is just how things go.

Watch the Loud List directly below.

Musicians Getting Mad + Storming Offstage

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