Here are 11 big rock and metal bands with mediocre debut albums.

A debut album is one of the most critical phases of a band's career and the success of these releases often dictates what type of success an artist may be able to enjoy. At the very least, the first record from any band should demonstrate poise and a clear direction, offering promise in the absence of true greatness.

Even in the case of non-legendary debuts, these initial recordings will forever hold unique value in the hearts of fans. There will always be a degree of excitement to hearing young musicians find their identity as individuals and as a group and its innocence and inexperience that usually leads to thrilling and unpredictable results.

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Sure, the records ahead are in every way a conversation piece, but their unifying quality is that they're really just not that good, which makes the eventual success of these bands even more wondrous. Seriously, how did we go from Pantera's Metal Magic to Vulgar Display of Power in nine years?!

It makes you think about how many other iconic bands we'd have today if they had been given a chance to grow and evolve from less-than-spectacular beginnings and if they ever would have put a winning formula together.

And that's what makes music so exciting — greatness can be born from the most unsuspecting places, such as these 11 mediocre debut albums below.

11 Big Rock + Metal Bands With Mediocre Debut Albums

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