As part of a 20th anniversary reissue of their debut album Fallen, Evanescence have released the 2002 demo version of their hit song "Bring Me to Life," which does not feature the iconic rap part.

The reissue will be released on Nov. 17 in a variety of formats, including 2-LP, 2-CD, digital with a Super Deluxe Edition box set arriving in February of next year, each containing a remastered version of the original album as well as previously unreleased tracks, such as the aforementioned demo. Reimagined artwork, previously unseen photos and a handwritten foreword by Amy Lee are included with all physical formats as well.

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“20 years later, this album has never meant more,” says Lee in her foreword, “Fallen has been the soundtrack to first loves, epic heartbreak, self-realization, wedding days, last goodbyes, friendships, and countless other moments in so many lives…not to mention my own. I am forever humbled and grateful to be a part of it.”

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The demo of "Bring Me to Life" is the second version of this Evanescence that's devoid of the rap part, which is something the band did not want to include in the song to begin with.

In 2017, the group released Synthesis, a collection of a pair of new original songs and reimagined orchestral/electronic versions of classic tracks. Omitting the rap part was something Lee was "so glad" about.

"God bless the rap, it's part of what got us on the radio, I guess. At least according to all the rules of radio that I don't agree with or understand. The rap wasn't part of our original idea or sound, it was a compromise in many ways. So to be able to go back to the original vision for the song was great," the frontwoman told that year.

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"At the time it was a big issue, it was our first single," she continued, "I wanted people to understand who we were. That's a struggle you always fight as an artist. If we only had the one hit, if no one ever heard from us again, then nobody would understand who we were. We've made it past that point, so the rap doesn't make me angry anymore. I'm so glad to put a new version out there without the rap, though."

Listen to the 2002 demo and Synthesis versions of "Bring Me to Life" directly below.

Evanescence, "Bring Me to Life" (2002 Demo)

Evanescence, "Bring Me to Life" (Synthesis)

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