What do you think about when we start talking about "themed hotel rooms?"

Does your mind take you to the log cabins down Starved Rock at Grizzly Jack's? They've got everything from furniture built from tree limbs to beaver lamps.

Or maybe you think of Mt. Olympus Resort in Wisconsin Dells where everything is set in ancient GreeceMythical gods on massive wall murals, the Trojan Horse Go-Kart Track and Poseidon's Rage, the huge wave pool.

My mind immediately (and unfortunately) goes to the Fanta Suites in Muscatine, Il.  I rented "The Jungle Room" for our anniversary and ended up trading rooms.  For many reasons, which are not appropriate to put in print or on this website, but one example was the zebra head above the bed.  It looked like it greeted death due to an overabundance of cigarette burns.

Not everything is a corporate-owned juggernaut in a tourist trap (or a run down no-tell motel)  These days any ambitious homeowner can turn their space into an amazing attraction.

There's a Airbnb in Bloomington, Illinois, that hosts 9 guests, has 2 bedrooms, 4 beds, 1 bath and a whole heck of a lot of fun!


Here are just SOME of the amazing highlights:

* Game Room
* Pool table
* Ping-pong table
* Foosball Table
* Darts
* Pinball
* Arcades
* Nintendo Wii game system
* Original Nintendo game system
* Games galore
* Music and movie decor
* Children’s playroom


Then you go OUTSIDE!

You've got your hot tub & deck, dining area, grill, firepit, cornhole and even a hammock!


Just check out this amazing space!

Illinois Arcade House

If you want a place to entertain or be entertained...a short drive to Bloomington will put you right!

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