It's not unusual these days to see someone driving around with a pupper in their lap. But is it technically legal in the QC?

In short, it depends on what part of the QC you're in. Iowa and Illinois have different stances on this.

Erik McLean/Unsplash
Erik McLean/Unsplash


If you're on the Illinois part of the river, you could face a fine if you're caught driving with your pup on your lap. According to state legislation from 2014, you could get a petty fine of up to $25 for driving with a dog on your lap. There's an exception to this though. If you're operating a commercial vehicle or an agriculture vehicle, it won't apply to you. It also says officers can't stop you solely because you have a pup on your lap.

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Iowa doesn't have anything specific in place for driving with a dog on your lap but according to Go Pet Friendly, it can have penalties for driving with an obstructed view. Which a squirmy pet could cause. Distracted driving penalties in Iowa can be a simple misdemeanor, with fines up to $100.50, according to

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