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It's beginning to look a lot like Drunk-mas... Christmas is almost here and if you're planning Christmas at your place, you already know where to find the booze when it will be needed. But when will people crack open a beer or pour their first shot of bourbon in their eggnog on Jesus' birthday? That depends on where you live at.

If you haven't already started drinking this week, that's because you aren't planning Christmas, you're a kid, or you just woke up from the hell filled year that has been 2020.

Regardless, it's the holiday season and Christmas is right around the corner. People are still doing their last minute shopping for gifts or groceries. In the year of a pandemic, holidays do bring needed joy but also tack on some more stress. From trying to help the older people in your family out trying to work Zoom, to trying to hide presents from your super bored children who now know every crook and cranny in the house, there will definitely be some stress Christmas eve and Christmas morning.

A study says that the average Quad Citizen is expected to go on a 4-day bender this holiday season, but a new study has come out showing about what time people will start boozing it up in each state.

A new study by Recovery.org, which supports and provides resources for the recovery lifestyle, surveyed 3,045 Americans to find out at what time they usually have their first alcoholic drink on Christmas Day.

In their survey, they found that Alaskans start the earliest and crank open their first adult beverage at 11 a.m.. The state that starts drinking the latest (and it's like what is the point anymore?) is Arkansas, who will wait until 6 p.m.

The survey also revealed a few other key facts:

  • 1 in 5 who don’t usually drink much during the year admit to making Christmas an exception.
  • 21% allow their teenage kids to have an alcoholic drink on Christmas day
  • 51% say they’re more relaxed about loved ones and relatives drinking on Christmas Day
  • 17% admit to having been drunk before sitting down for Christmas dinner
  • 6% also said they got blackout drunk on Christmas Day previously (my kind of people)

The survey from Recovery.org revealed what time Iowans and Illinoisans will start boozing it up Christmas day.

The average Iowan adult will start slamming drinks at about 1:40 p.m.

Christmas day. Illinoisans will be a little late to the party and won't start drinking until 2:19 p.m.

See what time people in other states will start drinking Christmas day with the graphic below.

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