There are a lot of places to get groceries in the Quad Cities. But for years people in the Quad Cities have been asking for and wanting a Trader Joe's.

The store has a cult-type loyalty with people driving to their locations in Coralville, or the Chicago suburbs for their favorite Trader Joe's exclusive foods.  But, will there be one coming to the Quad Cities so you don't have to make the drive?

People have been asking for Trader Joe's for years.

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Getty Images

When looking at different "Quad Cities wants a Trader Joe's" stories, you'll find them...from 2016.  And in these stories, they say "The Quad Cities has wanted one of these for years."

So this is nothing new.

There is even a group of people that have been working on this for years with a Facebook page that has 15,000 likes.

Iowa and Illinois Love Trader Joe's


A recent survey from showed just how much all of those Americans obsessed with Trader Joe's spend at the store.

81% love the unique products.  54% choose Trader Joe's for the high-quality products.  34% like the "low prices."

The survey found that people in Illinois go to Trader Joe's the most often with 2.5 trips per month and spend $65.19 per trip.

While in Iowa, with only 2 locations, we are still making 2.10 trips per month to Trader Joe's and spending $58.93 per trip.

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However, if it's somebody from the Quad Cities making one of these trips you are probably spending more since you have to drive at least an hour just to get to one of the stores. Plus of course the cost of gas...and it gets really pricey real quick to get some Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Mandarin Orange Chicken, and Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Those are Americans' favorite dessert, meal, and seasoning at Trader Joe's.

Where could Trader Joe's be in the Quad Cities?

Google Maps
Google Maps

One potential landing spot was in Duck Creek Plaza. The former Schnucks that sat empty for over 3 years.

It seemed like the building (or part of the building) would be perfect for a Trader Joe's.  High traffic.  Plenty of parking.  Close to the highway.  Still in Bettendorf.

But as was announced this week, that will not be happening.  Instead, a company from Kentucky has purchased the building and will be turning it into an indoor theme park with go-karts, bowling, miniature golf, laser tag, and a large kids' zone.

Literally, the complete opposite of a Trader Joe's.

So will the Quad Cities be getting a Trader Joe's?


Simple answer.  No.  Not anytime soon.

While 42% of Americans would rather only shop at Trader Joe's for the rest of their lives than never be able to shop at one again, that's not going to help the Quad Cities.

For the 30% of Americans that say Trader Joe's is overrated, they aren't sad to hear the news that another vacant building is being filled with something that is not Trader Joe's.

For the rest of you looking for those unique items, you are going to have to keep making the hour or more drive as there are no other current rumbling of one popping up in the floral-free Quad Cities.

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