Within the course of a year, I have seen the same movie reference twice on two different vehicles on I-80. I know the movie it's referencing is popular, but I have only seen this reference on I-80. I'm also curious if any of you have seen this while driving.

If you're a Disney fan then you are going to love these two jokes! Even if you're not a fan, you'll get the reference!

The first one of these two Disney jokes I saw was a year ago on a semi-truck. I even managed to get a video of it.

Here Is That Video

It's a blink and you miss it kinda joke, but it honestly made my day. And in case you're wondering... Yes, that is Buzz Lightyear saving his friend Woody! A great reference from the movies.


This was a fun little moment that made me laugh on I-80. Imagine my surprise when a year later I see the exact same reference on a different car at a rest stop on I-80.

Buzz & Woody Again!

Over the weekend on my way to Cedar Rapids from Davenport, I stopped at a rest stop only a few miles away from where I saw the truck last year and had a good laugh.


I know the movie "Toy Story" is popular, but to see the same reference in the same area twice just makes this cute display even funnier! Is this "Toy Story" joke more common than I thought? It feels like seeing this twice in one spot is a wild coincidence! Unless this is a way more common joke than I originally thought.

Have you ever seen the Buzz and Woody reference while driving? let us know!

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