When the opportunity to go "Over The Edge" for Big Brothers Big Sisters came up, I said "of course I'll do that!".  I mean, when else will I be able to rappel off the side of a 140ft building like I'm Batman.  (Adam West Batman...look it up kids)

Saturday, August 21 BBBS is hosting their 4th annual Over the Edge fundraiser in the Quad Cities.  100 "Edgers" will scale down the Hotel Blackhawk in downtown Davenport to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters Mississippi Valley.  The past three years, this event has raised more than $460,000!

You can join in the fun by by showing your courage and rappelling, volunteering for event day or by making a donation.  As with everything I-Rock 93.5 is involved in, we are setting our sites high.  Let's set the bar by raising $93.50.  OK, that is a low bar, but I like to shoot low so I know I hit my goal.  Seriously though, I'd like to raise as much money for them as possible so any donation will be greatly appreciated.  If we get more than $93.50 I'll share the video of me screaming like a child as I go off the building.  Click here to make a donation to my page!  Thank you!

Here is another important thing I need from you.  What song plays as I rappel off the building?  This is like the most important question ever right.  I'd imagine it will only take 60-90 seconds for me to go from the top to the bottom.  So nothing from Tool...not going to hang up there for 11 minutes.  What song thumps, is inspirational, is clean for the kids?  I have 1000 in mind, but want to know from you what it should be.  Comment on Facebook or send me a message on the app.  I need to pick my song by 7/31!

Learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters and about Over The Edge QC at the BBBS website here.  See you from the top of Hotel Blackhawk and thank you for the support!

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