When a family is looking to make a move to a new state for a new opportunity, the amount of taxes they will be paying can definitely play a role in their decision.  This might be why the population of Illinois is decreasing.

In a new report from moneygeek.com Illinois has been named the state with worst taxes in America. With a tax burden estimated at $13,894 for the hypothetical family, this puts them on top, or bottom depending on your point of view, of all 50 states.  As you can see below, only 3 states received a grade of "E" (on a scale of A, B, C, D, E) which included Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

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Both Illinois and New Jersey had population decreases.  Illinois at -0.9% and New Jersey at -0.1%.  Connecticut actually increased in population by 0.1%.

The Least Tax-Friendly States

Here are the top 10 worst states if you don't want to give your money to the government.  This also shows the decrease or growth in population in each state.

  1. Illinois (-0.9%)
  2. Connecticut (0.1%)
  3. New Jersey (-0.1%)
  4. New Hampshire (0.8%)
  5. New York (-1.6%)
  6. Iowa (0.1%)
  7. Wisconsin (0.1%)
  8. Vermont (0.5%)
  9. Nebraska (0.1%)
  10. Michigan (-0.2%)

Yep, Illinois is right there at number one.  But following closely behind, the other half of the Quad Cities, Iowa coming in at number six.

The Most Tax-Friendly States

Not that we want you to leave the Quad Cities, but if you are looking to escape the burden of high taxes, here are the top 10 states that will keep your money in your pocket.

  1. Wyoming (0.3%)
  2. Nevada (1.0%)
  3. Alaska (0.0%)
  4. Florida (1.0%)
  5. Tennessee (0.8%)
  6. Washington (0.3%)
  7. North Dakota (-0.5%)
  8. Arizona (1.4%)
  9. South Dakota (0.9%)
  10. Delaware (1.2%)

To compare Wyoming with Illinois, Wyoming comes in with 4% of tax as % of income.  Meanwhile, Illinois is at a whopping 16.8%.  Iowa isn't that far behind at 13.8%.  The national average is 9.8%.

MoneyGeek estimated the tax burden from state and local taxes for a hypothetical family. The profile is a married couple who files jointly, has an average gross income of $82,852 per year, a home worth $346,400, and one dependent.

So in this hypothetical family, Illinois residents are paying $13,894 in taxes.  Iowa residents are paying $11,398 in taxes.  Wyoming...$3,279.

You can read the full report at MoneyGeek.com.

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