It can be hard to make time for breakfast in our busy lives.  If we eat anything it might be a bar on the way out of the house or some drive-thru.  So when the Quad Cities wants to sit down and eat a good breakfast, we want to be sure we go to a perfect spot.  But the chain Illinois is most interested in is a bit surprising.

What makes a good breakfast spot?

Breakfast foods and drinks
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Of course, the first thing people want is good food.  Most people are looking for the basics.  Pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and a good cup of coffee.

But besides that, breakfast-going folks in Iowa and Illinois also want good prices and quick service.  Even during relaxing Sunday morning family breakfasts or Saturday morning hungover breakfasts, we still want our pancakes as fast as possible.

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Top breakfast place in Minnesota.

Before we get to Iowa and Illinois, let's take a look at Minnesota as their top spot is only found in 2 other states.

The Original Pancake House is Minnesota's favorite.  Same as Utah and Oregon.


Iowa and Wisconsin's favorite breakfast restaurant.

While midwest states have different favorites, the top choice in general in the midwest is Perkins.  And this is also the top choice of both Wisconsin and Iowa.

Perkins is also the top spot in the Dakotas, Montana, and Wyoming.

Illinois' favorite breakfast place is not dictated by the Quad Cities.

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The Quad Cities have many great breakfast places.  There are numerous local breakfast restaurants that are fantastic.  But an overall state survey is going to push the chain restaurants to the top.  And when anything in Illinois is a full state survey, the 6 million people in the Chicago area are going to skew those results.

So if you want to check out "Illinois favorite breakfast spot", you'll have to go for a drive.  Because it's nowhere in the Quad Cities.  Illinois' favorite place is Bakers Square.  It is the only state that has Baker's Square as its favorite place.

A quick google maps search shows they are all in Chicago.

How came to these results.

To find out which breakfast chains each state loves the most, turned to online search interest. They searched for popular breakfast food chain articles from sources like Restaurant Clicks and Mashed.  Then they gathered 21 search terms from those sources and used search interest from the past five years to determine which breakfast chains each state was searching for the most.

Check out the favorite breakfast place by the state.

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