Most states have very cut and dry baby name rules. Some also just follow the basic national laws. You can see some of those banned names here. A handful of states, however, have decided to go full rouge and let you name your baby whatever you want, and for some reason, Illinois is one of them.

Illinois and Kentucky are two leading states with relaxed baby name laws... Very relaxed.

The other States have interesting laws like Florida, which reportedly says parents need to sign an agreement to establish a child’s first name if not, a court will select one. New York states,

First and middle names have a maximum length of 30 characters each, last names cannot exceed 40 characters. Numbers and symbols are forbidden.

Even Texas has some rules, and laws about baby names,

First, middle and last name cannot exceed 100 characters. Only English characters allowed. Numbers and diacritical marks are forbidden.

Before we get into Illinois laws you can see all the other laws here. Mississippi also has a law or two. One that stands out is as follows,

The child takes on the father’s surname automatically when parents are married. A different name can be requested if preferred.

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Illinois Laws:

I really did not expect Illinois to have 0 rules when it comes to baby names, but it's honestly true. According to USBirthCirtificants. com,  Illinois has absolutely no restrictions. Numbers and special characters are allowed.

According to Baby Name Quest,

Recent updates to the state’s computer networks even allow for quirky names such as Der or Riffic. So far, no parent has taken advantage of this with baby’s first name, but there’s a child whose middle name is 7.

WHY WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR KID A NAME OF A NUMBER. Do you want them to get bullied? That's how they get bullied. As you can tell I am not a fan of this lack of law, but hey it's a free country, and these kids will most likely legally change their name when they are older anyway. What do you think of these name laws?

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