Hopefully, the drivers on this Illinois highway brought a Snickers because, after an accident, they weren't going anywhere for a long while.

Illinois Traffic Is The Worst

When it comes to traffic, Illinois is the worst, especially in Chicago. The highways are all obsolete. There just aren't enough lanes to handle all the congestion from thousands of commuters each day trying to get to work, home, or somewhere else important. It doesn't matter what hour you're traveling, the roads are always backed up.

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Then add some construction, bad weather, accidents, and anything else that can affect traffic and you're going to experience a total driving nightmare. That could mean sitting in your car in the same spot for hours. It's no wonder people from our state have road rage. It's definitely not a fun situation to be in.

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Illinois Glue Truck Spill

Glue Spill On Illinois Highway Causes Major Headaches For Drivers

Sometimes the delays are caused by crazy occurrences. This is the perfect example. It happened just a few days ago on I-90 (Kennedy Expressway) and Diversey going north. The problem couldn't have happened at a worse time (around 7:30 am during the morning rush hour). Thousands of people were late for work or anywhere else they had to go that morning.

According to nbcchicago.com, 

There was an incident with a semi-truck. The load was glue. For some reason, the barrels containing the sticky product started leaking. There was no reason given for the leakage. It didn't seem like there was an accident. My guess is the storage containers tipped over and spilled over inside the trailer. The glue then started leaking out the back of the vehicle and spilling all over the highway.

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The police were forced to shut down this major highway for several hours so crews could come out to clean up the mess. So a glue spill had cars "stuck" on the road for a long time. Feel free to add your own joke there.

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