While most of the Quad Cities was rocking out to Chevelle at the Rust Belt on Sunday, I took a trip to Wooly's in Des Moines to catch a sold out show during "Severed Leg 1" of the Hip to be Scared Tour.  With bands like Fame on Fire, Currents, Escape the Fate, and headlining act Ice Nine Kills it honestly sounded too good to be true.  Being a huge INK fan, I was sold on them alone, but lesser known Fame on Fire and Currents are also great up and coming bands, so I knew it was gonna be a killer show from start to finish.  I was definitely not wrong.

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Starting out the show was Fame on Fire. Their newest album, Levelsis jam packed with bangers.  Once Her Eyes started, the mosh pit really got revved up.  Next up was Currents.  These guys really brought the heat, and I do mean heat.  That place was blazing!  There was even a wall of death! Check out their song Monsters for a taste of just what they are capable of.  Then came Escape the Fate.  If I'm being totally honest, this was the set that I was least happy with.  They're a bit too punky for me in general, and I feel like they just didn't stack up against such amazing opening acts.  In the end, none of that matters, because the boys in Ice Nine Kills brought the freaking house down as soon as they hit the stage.  They played their newest singles, plus some of their older stuff, and everything in between.  Its really is a horror show from beginning to end.  You know its a great concert when you can barely walk out of the pit at the end, your ears are ringing and your voice is gone!

I can totally understand if you weren't able to make this show.  It sold out very quickly because tickets were relatively cheap, and Wooly's is a pretty small venue.  Also, Chevelle was the same night.  I'm still sad I had to miss that one.  There is a silver lining to this story however.  You still have a chance to catch Ice Nine Kills in November! That's right, Hip to Be Scared "Severed Leg 2" will be making a stop in our own backyard at The Rust Belt!  Get the details here, and while you're doing that, check out some photos from Sunday's show.

Hip To Be Scared Severed Leg 1



Sevendust, Austin Meade, Alborn, Kirra at The Rust Belt


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