May is concert month on I-Rock 93.5.  So many shows are coming to the area to start the summer music scene.

For the best seat...who are we kidding, you don't want a seat...  For the best place to stand and watch the show, I-Rock 93.5 and The Dispensary will get you high at The Rust Belt.

All The Shows Coming To The Rust Belt in May

Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor

There is a show every week in May at The Rust Belt.

Things get started on May 5 with CMFT and the Cherry Bombs.  This time, you won't need to stand in a little box.

May 14 we dance with the devil when Avatar comes to town with Veil of Maya and Orbit Culture.

May 22 America's Least Wanted are back and bringing the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla with them.  Ugly Kid Joe and Fozzy will rock The Rust Belt with special guests Pistols at Dawn.

We keep it going on May 27 with Nothing More, Zero 9:36 and Catch Your Breath.

Then we just add in the June 2 show into concert month cause why not.  Trivium and Beartooth with Archetypes Collide and Malevolence.

That is one rocking month at The Rust Belt.  We'll be hooking you up with tickets to all of these shows but also, getting you in the I-Rock 93.5 Clubhouse for the best way to see the show.*

Win Your Way Into The I-Rock 93.5 Clubhouse

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Look at all those people watching the show.  But how did we get a picture of all of them?  The same way you can.  By joining us in the I-Rock 93.5 Clubhouse.

For every show during concert month, we are getting you high at The Rust Belt thanks to The Dispensary in Fulton.

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Listen from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. to score your tickets to one of the above-mentioned concerts.  Every person that wins tickets will also then qualify to join I-Rock 93.5 in The Clubhouse to watch the show with the best view in the house.  One person and their rock buddy will then join us in the Clubhouse!

Get High at The Rust Belt thanks to The Dispensary in Fulton from your concert leader, I-Rock 93.5.


*Clubhouse availability is subject to change based on the band's needs.  If the area is not open winners will still get tickets to the concert.

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