Feels like I've been here before.  Seems so familiar.  Seems like I'm slipping.  Into a dream within a dream.  Tool is coming to the TaxSlayer Center on March 17, 2022.

It was February 24, 2020, when Tool announced they were going to come to the Quad Cities.  Less than a month later, everything changed.  Tool would play their last live show on March 11 before postponing the tour that would bring them to the Quad Cities.  There was still hope that this would all be over quickly and we'd get a rescheduled tour later in the year.  However, on June 4, 2020, the entire tour would be canceled.  Even with the tour canceled, MJK would test positive for COVID twice.

But that is all in the past.  We now have a new tour and a new date for us in the Quad Cities.  The show is on March 17th, 2022 and tickets go on sale Friday (10/1) at 10 am.  You can (and should) get your tickets right here.

“It is with great pleasure I get to announce our return to the road,” said Danny Carey. “These past 18 months have been trying to say the least but from great trials come great lessons and great rewards. We are genuinely looking forward to sharing them with you.”

"Let's finish what we started.  Shall we?".  Maynard James Keenan.

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You know that's not the end of it.  Of course, your concert leader is going to hook you up with tickets to the show!  Listen all week (9/27-10/1) from 10 am-3 pm for your chance to win.  This is Tool, and these tickets aren't cheap.  So I'm going to make you work for them.  I'll play the Tool song of the day and tell you when to listen to call in and win.  OK, that really isn't that much work.  All you have to do is listen which you do anyways.

Tool.  TaxSlayer Center.  March 17, 2022.  Listen to win from your concert leader, I-Rock 93.5.


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