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Greg isn't going to waste his air time telling stories, he's going to shut up and rock you hard.

Meet Greg Manley.  He likes hard rock cause it puts him in a good mood.  His favorite band is METALLICA, hence the picture.  And the best concert he ever went to was the first year for Ozzfest in Summerset Wisconsin.

Now, to the playlist:

Metallica /Master of Puppets
Megadeth /Tornado of Souls
Machine Head/ Davidion
Morbid Angel /God of Emptiness
Coal Chamber /Pig
Devil Driver/ Testimony of Truth
Slipknot /Duality
System of a Down/ Science
Hands Off Gretal /I want The World
Fear Factory/ Demanufacture
Earth Crisis /Broken Foundation
Life of Agony /This Time

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