Question one - Who are you?

I’m Cari Cooney. I work at Terror at Skellington Manor as a scare actor and social media marketer/graphic designer. I also own my own business - I’m a professional face painter and balloon twister. I’m also a mother to two very feisty daughters.

Mark Largo

Question two - Why do you love hard rock?

Rock/Metal is what speaks to me the loudest. The right playlist has the ability to motivate me, provide stress relief, or drown out my kids arguing over who the dog loves more.

Mark Largo

Question three - Who is your favorite band/artist?

Devin Townsend. His unique, versatile sound is absolutely mesmerizing.

Skellington Manor

Question four - What is the best concert you've ever seen?

A tough question for sure! I’m going to say Rob Zombie. I’ve seen him a handful of times; he’s definitely achieved expert-level concert execution. The atmosphere during a Zombie show is exhilarating!

Skellington Manor

Here is my playlist!

  1. Rob Zombie- Superbeast
  2. Sevendust- Angel’s Son
  3. Devin Townsend- Kingdom
  4. Faith No More- Epic
  5. Breaking Benjamin- I Will Not Bow
  6. Slipknot- Vermillion
  7. Audioslave- Cochise
  8. Pantera- Cemetery Gates
  9. Ghost- Rats
  10. Powerman 5000- When Worlds Collide
  11. Stone Sour- Song #3
  12. Fuel- Hemorrhage
  13. Sick Puppies- Riptide

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