If you work in an office you've been there.  Karen from accounting sends an email to the entire building or the entire company that was clearly only meant for a small group of people.  You laugh.  Then it begins.  The reply all emails from all the people with the "funny" jokes.  Then somebody gets mad and has to be the guy that is like "stop it you're filling up my inbox."  Whatever dude.  Chill out.  We all know you are just sitting at your desk playing on Facebook anyways.

Well, it happened today to me.  Something for one city was sent to the company.  I laughed, shrugged it off and then, 15 all reply messages later it inspired me to write this story.

Before I tell you how to easily stop getting these emails, let me share with you some great ones from this chain.

"Hey guys, did you add the wrong Donna."
"No corn dogs for us this year."
"We'll be completely open this weekend."
"Can we please stop replying all on these."
"This email chain is amazing.  Hope you are all well."
Then some more wacky jokes followed by the:
"GANG.  Enough.  Please.  All do NOT need these."  (Yes, all capital letters.)

If you like making the jokes over the email chain good for you.  Reply all.  If you don't want the emails don't reply.  Just ignore!

It's so easy.  Just right click the message in the reading pane and click on "ignore".  Done.  That is it.  Now anything in that chain will go straight to your deleted items folder.

Office life is fun.  Technology is wonderful.  Try not to hit reply all, but also, just ignore those that might hit the wrong button by hitting the ignore button.

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