Have you ever looked out of your window and thought "I wish I could see a hot air balloon"? It happened to one Iowa home.

This morning, the skies over Des Moines filled with hot air balloons in preparation for the National Balloon Classic that's happening this weekend in Indianola. But as KCCI reports, not everything was smooth sailing.

One balloon pilot had to make a landing in a backyard. Specifically, at a house in the 1700 block of Jefferson Avenue in Des Moines. It was a squeeze landing for the balloon but luckily, no one was hurt by the rogue balloon. The pilot told KCCI that the landing was "tight but successful".

Sherrie Floyd shared the pics with KCCI.

That second picture is really giving leaving Oz vibes. Just imagine driving down the road merrily along and looking out of your driver's window and seeing that? I would definitely stop and take a pic too. Or even better yet, you're getting ready to go to work on a Monday, mostly still asleep after only one cup of coffee, and you back out of your driveway into apparently Oz.

Meanwhile, the National Balloon Classic kicks off this Friday and goes through August 6th. You can get tickets (which are $10/each) here. There will also be food trucks, beer & wine, fireworks, and more. If you're not scared of heights, there will be balloon rides that you can do. You can get more details on the National Balloon Classic here.

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