You pieces of trash just made the list.  What list is that?  The list of people that suck and are idiots and that need to be called out for being sucky idiots.

There are things in this world I just don't understand.  And throwing trash out of your car is one of them.  You really can't just keep the stuff in your car until you get home.  Instead, right there at 53rd and Eastern Ave at 6 pm on a Wednesday, you decided that part of the world at that time was your garbage can.  Little did you know, somebody with a microphone and a website was behind you.

As I'm driving my child to swim lessons all of a sudden a plastic plate comes flying out of this car's passenger side window.  The child sees it and is instantly horrified.  I've taught her well.  She was like "daddy what was that?!".  I explained quickly that some people are trash and that was litter.  She knew that littering was bad and said "why would they do that?".  As I was explaining, as nicely as I could without cussing, a plastic fork comes flying out of the driver's side window.

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Now while I also have questions about what these two idiots were eating with a fork and plate while driving down 53rd, I mostly have one statement; keep your garbage in your car and throw it away like a civilized human being not a piece of trash human being.  I think that makes the point.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures website, in Iowa littering is a simple misdemeanor with a fine between $65 and $625 and/or imprisonment up to 30 days (§903.1). Violators may also be required to perform litter cleanup, in lieu of or in addition to any other sentence imposed (§455B.364).

I have met a lot of officers that listen to this station.  Thank you!  And here you go, if you see this car driving around they are more than likely violating some law.  So just pull em over.  And use your taser.  In the face.  IN THE FACE!!


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