Holy crap, this viral TikTok video about the lack of eggs being laid by chickens, is insane! There was talk about this "bird flu" that was causing issues, but apparently there is WAY MORE to it. TIKTOK

OK so the facts...Egg prices are insane. People are paying 5,6,7 dollars for a dozen eggs...craziness.

What we have heard from "experts" is that there is a sickness that is going around, killing off chickens across the country. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 58 million chickens, or something like that.

According to the chicken farmer in this viral video, it's way different than that. It's what the birds are eating, or NOT eating. We learn in this video that the same feed that has been given to these chickens for years, is the problem. Since fall of 2022, the birds simply don't want to eat. They are not touching the chicken feed. The SAME STUFF is now not being consumed, leading to...NO EGGS.

So, something changed about the chicken feed, plain and simple. Whatever is being done to, or was CHANGED about the chicken feed...is causing the issues.

Before we watch this, here is some Facebook replies to the video:

Gina Purvis - It’s 100% fact!! So many friends haven’t been getting eggs, but I have been getting eggs all winter! Even more than I got last winter!! I switched to a locally milled feed last spring and I’m so glad it did

Traci Delatorre - If you look into food conspiracies in general, they are pretty scary. This past year alone there were multiple food processors that went up in flames "mysteriously", "all of a sudden" etc

O.K. here is the viral video about the chicken feed that the chickens ARE NOT EATING...Leaving the farmers with no eggs...Leaving us with RIDICULOUS egg prices.


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