I've been debating on if I should write anything on this cause it's not about music, it's not fun, and to some, it could be considered controversial.  But I've been thinking about it since yesterday.  So I feel like I need to write down my thoughts and get them out of my head.

Can people stop caring about stupid things that really don't matter.  If you are one of these people that have to be angry about things all the time (see the comments section on Facebook, Newsbreak or really anything on Twitter) can you at least be angry about things that actually matter.

We've all seen it.  Corey Taylor has talked about it.  The Osbourne family has lived with it and spoke about it.  Hell, even Cannibal Corpse has talked about it!  My breaking point came yesterday on all of it.

Something came up on the Facebook news feed that caught my interest.  Then I kept scrolling.  That was a mistake.  The headline that made me smh and wtf all over the place was:

"Justin Bieber dreadlocks backlash is latest in string of cultural appropriation accusations"

To quote Peter Griffin, "Oh my God.  Who the hell cares!".  I know the answer to that question.  Enough people care (one way or another) to make that "news".  And the social media and news sources pump it to the top of the list cause it will get the clicks.  And the clicks make the money.

Maybe you've seen those stories, or similar, on your news feed.  Meanwhile, have you seen these stories?

"Kenya tells U.N. it will shut two camps with 410,000 refugees by June 2022."
"Turkey and Armenia show no signs of reconciling."
"Myanmar's war displaces new generation on remote river frontier"

Refugees, genocide, military coupes and war.  Nah, Justin Bieber has dreadlocks.  That is what the news is all about.

Look I'm not telling you to be a worldly scholar on every conflict happening in the world.  I'm also not saying don't read stories about stupid things happening in this country.  But if you are going to use energy to be mad about Justin Bieber (other than his crappy music...ha, that was too easy) maybe you need a bit of perspective.

Well there you go.  I feel better.  If you are still, or more, angry...here are some pictures of puppies and kittens to help you out.

Kittens and Puppies

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