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With the exception of the huge names in rock and metal, the coronavirus is hitting most musicians pretty hard. Bands such as Halestorm, who are known for touring the majority every year, are affected the most. Frontwoman Lzzy Hale took to social media to address the situation, saying most bands "won't make it out of this."

Hale began by acknowledging that some states are starting to reopen amid the high number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. "In my opinion, without a vaccine, this is like opening up a designated section of a public pool for pissing. But ya know... you do you," she wrote.

The vocalist went on to point out the "audacity" of people who think that because she is a musician that this quarantine has been a smooth sail for her. "I spend most of my time, 90% of it, on tour, which is NOT a reality right now," she affirmed. "My crew is suffering, the future is unknown, and most of the bands you know and love won’t make it out of this."

Read her initial post below.

Hale has since spoken with Forbes to clarify her point. "Well, I think that a lot of people look at musicians and look at people that have record labels or albums coming out and they think, 'Oh, they're set, they've made it, and they're millionaires,'" she said. "I think that if you are somebody of note and you have saved up and you have a brand that you have built over the years, maybe you're going to be able to hang on for a little while longer."

"A lot of these younger bands that have released a record or are attached to labels they're not getting that financial help that everybody thinks they are. And that comes with the mystique of rock 'n' roll, 'Oh, yeah, you've made it and you're on a label. You must be well off,'" she continued. "But I feel for some of these kids, because, think about it, you've spent all of this time making a record and you've put your life into it, and you're dependent on this summer touring cycle to help you promote it and get your name out there."

"Everybody needs to be smart and have some sympathy, especially during this time, because everybody is affected — it's not just one class of people — everybody is being affected by this."

A handful of 2020 Halestorm tour dates were unfortunately canceled due to Covid-19, but there are some throughout the summer and fall that remain as of now. Stay tuned for updates.

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