Metallica have just announced the limited edition "Batch 100" installment of their Blackened Whiskey, which also comes with an exclusive pair of vinyl picture discs containing the playlist used during the spirit's aging process.

What already made the band's signature whiskey a unique standout was that it was aged in barrels that were exposed to Metallica's music, which is said to have an effect on the aging process. Regarding the limited edition blend, a brand new playlist was used, making this run a must-own for any serious collector.

The box set not only includes the special bottle of American whiskey and vinyl records, but a special Blackened Zine that's unavailable anywhere else along with other items such as a guitar pick and stickers.

Metallica, Batch 100 Blackened Whiskey + Vinyl Box Set

Master distiller and blender Rob Dietrich and drummer Lars Ulrich partnered together to work on the fresh playlist for this "Batch 100" whiskey. The drummer applauded Dietrich's choices, exclaiming, "When I look at Rob’s playlist, I love the selections, I love the variety. I love that he’s gone for two deeper live tracks from the 'Damaged Justice' tour, I love seeing both the Binge & Purge and Through the Never eras represented, and he even tapped the Helping Hands album, so it’s clear he is not a part-timer!"

Watch Ulrich unbox the limited edition set in the video below and check out the complete "Batch 100" playlist further down the page. For more information and to purchase the "Batch 100" box set, head to the Blackened Whiskey website.

With tour plans shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, Metallica are still getting music out to their fans. At the beginning of May, the group issued a quarantine video showing each member playing from home as they jammed on a new version of the ...And Justice for All song "Blackened."

Meanwhile, Ulrich recently spoke about the possibility of Metallica writing a brand new album if stay-at-home orders remain in place for the foreseeable future.

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Lars Ulrich Unboxes Metallica's Limited Edition Blackened Whiskey + Vinyl Box Set

Metallica, Batch 100 Blackened Whiskey Playlist

01. "Blackened" (Live)
02. "Creeping Death" (Live)
03. "The Unforgiven" (Live)
04. "Disposable Heroes"
05. "Fade to Black"
06. "Spit Out the Bone"
07. "Whiplash"
08. "And Justice for All"
09. "Nothing Else Matters" (Live, Acoustic)
10. "Leper Messiah"
11. "One" (Live)
12. "Battery"

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