As much as the world would love to see GWAR kill Adam Levine onstage, Blothar the Berzerker refuses to lower GWAR’s standards. In an exclusive interview, Blothar explained to Loudwire why Adam Levine isn’t worth killing, even if he is a “dipshit.”

Adam Levine recently made headlines after an alleged cheating scandal. One of his female accusers even posted DMs, apparently from Levine, showing that Levine wanted to name he and his wife’s unborn child after one of his mistresses. What really ticked off the metal community though, was that in said DMs, the Maroon 5 singer suggested that no hot chicks listen to metal.

As metal’s foremost intergalactic ambassadors, GWAR commented on the situation while talking to us at this year’s Louder Than Life festival. “I don’t really listen to anything Adam Levine says,” Blothar began. “He is a good-looking fella… his tattoos look like a Wendy’s tablecloth or something. There’s lots of hot chicks who listen to metal, that’s ridiculous. Of course hot chicks listen to metal. I think he’s a dipshit.”

After we asked if GWAR would kill Adam Levine onstage, much like the band has done to prominent public figures for several decades, Blothar explained why the answer is no. “He’s not interesting enough for us to kill. We kill compelling figures like Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump… fun stuff. Joe Biden, pregnant bag ladies… stuff like that.”

Check out the full clip of Blothar shredding Adam Levine below. GWAR are currently on tour with Nekrogoblikon and Crobot, so see if they’re coming to your town here.

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