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1) Steve Sparbel I live in Buffalo Iowa. I work at John Deere. I have lived here most of my 52 years on earth. 15 minutes of fame was as a state runner up in wrestling in 1987 from Muscatine High.

2) I grew up with an older brother who was in many local rock groups from when he was 13. That beat of a double base drum, the metal march of a guitar, and that growl of a metal singer had me hooked on rock.

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3) Its really hard to pick just one band as a favorite but take Queensryche Dio and Priest and mash them together.

4) The best concert I've ever seen has to be Priest and Maiden or Priest and Krokus in the mid 1980's. It could also be Rocklahoma that I have made 11 of its 14 years.

My playlist:

Ozzy- Crazy Train
Rammstein- Du Hast
Dokken- Breaking the Chains
Tool- Sober
The Hu- Wolf Totem
In This Moment- In the Air Tonight
Disturbed- Stupify
Warlock- All We Are
Mudvayne- Happy
Chevelle- Take Out the Gunman
Pantera- Cemetary Gates
Dio- The Last In Line
Seether- Broken

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