Q1- Who are you?

My name is Frances Candelaria, I’m a laidback anxious woman who swears a little too often, drinks coffee far too much, and loves weird sh*t, my kids, and food. Born in California and raised in Colorado, and then spent 8 years in the Marine Corps before moving to Iowa in 2015 when I left active duty. I now work for a couple of cool people down at Farro’s Lead Farm in Long Grove, Iowa.

Q2- Why do you love hard rock?

Most of my earliest memories are of my dad playing The Eagles, Chicago, Cream, Three Dog Night, and such on the guitar. As I grew up I naturally gravitated to listening to rock music. Hard rock just always pumped me up, I related so much more to the lyrics and energy of hard rock than any other music.

Q3- Who is your favorite band?

This is a difficult question to answer, but I will never get sick of listening to Underoath

Q4- What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?

Another hard question that makes it a tie between seeing  A Day To Remember in Okinawa Japan and finally seeing Underoath live here in the Quad Cities.


  • Reinventing Your Exit- Underoath
  • Guerilla Radio- Rage Against the Machine
  • This is a Heart Attack- Blindside
  • Identity Crisis- Thrice
  • Rum Is For Drinking, Not for Burning- Senses Fail
  • The Downfall Of Us All- A Day To Remember
  • Paralyzed- Imminence
  • Movement- Wheel
  • Everything’s Wrong- All That Remains
  • Happy Song- Bring Me The Horizon
  • Blood- In This Moment
  • Better Without You- Evanescence
  • I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)- Lacuna Coil


New Coffee Truck Is Becoming An Essential For Clinton Residents

Clinton residents have a new option when it comes to coffee, but they may not get it in the same spot every day. Essential Coffee is the new coffee truck in town and it's becoming a daily essential for residents.

Korn and Chevelle at The TaxSlayer Center

The TaxSlayer Center in East Moline was rockin on March 25 with Korn and Chevelle. The two dynamic bands teamed up along with Code Orange for a night of rock for the Quad Cities. If you have not seen Korn live, it's a must for you however you can. The energy will fill any size venue you get to see them in.


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