What happens when you mix a little punk, a little rock, a lot of Irish, and some - insert drink of choice but I'd got with Guinness or Whiskey?  You get a great time with Flogging Molly in the Quad Cities!

Friday, September 27 at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Davenport I-Rock 93.5 welcomes Flogging Molly with special guests The Rumjacks.

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10:00 a.m. and you can also sign up to win them below!

If you've never seen or heard Flogging Molly now is the time to discover them and have some fun with us.  If you know them, then you already know September 27th is going to be a lot of fun with I-Rock 93.5!

Flogging Molly

2016 Firefly Music Festival
Theo Wargo

For those of you unfamiliar with Flogging Molly...let's get you familiar.

At the Capitol Theatre, you will see seven people on stage playing everything from guitar to accordions.

Dave King is the lead singer and started the band in 1994 in L.A. after being in the hard rock band "Fastway".  Dave went back to his Dublin roots mixing punk rock and Celtic sounds to create Flogging Molly.

Dave (who also plays acoustic guitar, bodhran, banjo, and spoons) is joined by Bridget Regan on violin, tin whistle, and backing vocals.  Dennis Casey on guitar, Matt Hensley on accordion and concertina, Nathen Maxwell on bass, Spencer Swain on mandolin, banjo, and guitar, and Mike Alonso on drums.

The Rumjacks

Did you know a lot of Irish blood is in Australia?  It's a long history lesson why...so check your local library or search engine.

The Rumjacks are from Sydney, Australia, and are also a Celtic Punk band.  Their best-known hit song (above) has over 91 million views.  They'll get the party started on September 27 at The Capitol Theatre.

Flogging Molly
Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly!  Capitol Theatre.  September 27.  Get your tickets here and let's have a drink together at the show.

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