Yes, today is Cinco De Mayo.  On a Taco Tuesday.  And we are stuck at home because of a virus named Corona.  Oh the irony.

On a normal 5th of May American's would be flocking to Mexican Restaurants for taco's, cerveza and tequila.  While we can't get out and enjoy this American holiday where we drink because of a Mexican military victory over the French, we can still enjoy it at home.  (And yes, I realize it's a Mexican holiday.  But just like St. Patrick's Day in Ireland don't expect to go to Mexico for the biggest Cinco De Mayo party.  American's continue to find these other nation holiday's and turn them into reasons to party.  Next up, Diwali.)

Anyways, here are 5 ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo tonight in the comfort of your own home.


So there you go.  Five ways to have a great Cinco De Mayo at home.  Oh, and I guess you can like make some tacos or fajitas or something.  It's good to eat while drinking tequila.

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