One man's trash is another man's treasure.  In this case, it really was a treasure for the previous owner, but because it's unclaimed property now it can be anybody's treasure.

The best part for those in Illinois, you don't have to travel to bid on these items.

Unclaimed Property Auction


According to the Illinois State Treasurer's Office:

Unclaimed property consists of accounts and other financial instruments, usually intangible, being held at corporations, financial institutions, financial intermediaries, courts, and life insurance companies, that have gone dormant for a specified period of time based on property type.

What that means for you, is finding rare and collectible items at a great value.

How can you bid on the unclaimed property?

Ongoing auction session. auctioneer and buyers in frame

“The online auction provides a perfect opportunity for people to explore and acquire memorable items for themselves or for others who will appreciate them as gifts,” said Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs, whose office oversees unclaimed property in Illinois. “Because the auction is online, you can participate from your home or wherever you like.”

You don't have to drive to Chicago or Springfield to take part in this auction.  All you need to do is open up your computer and bid on what you like.  But you do need to preregister.

So what can you bid on in this online auction?

If you like shiny things you are in luck.  1909 $5 Gold Coins.  Gold pocket watches, silver dollars, assorted silver, gold earrings, and more of that precious metal.

Plus, other rare currencies, jewelry, a Mickey Mouse watch, and baseball cards.

All of that will be available during this auction.  But the site is full of all sorts of other random things you can bid on.

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Things like cars (mostly old police cars).  Lab equipment.  (probably from an old meth bust.  The state probably shouldn't sell that to somebody else)  Computers, other electronics, and "various earbuds".  Gross.

Good luck with finding your diamond in the rough!


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