I-Rock 93.5 and Smokey's Country Diner want you to feel good by taking home a $50 gift card to Smokey's!

We all know the person that has struggled over the last year.  Maybe they worked in the service industry and lost their job.  Maybe the bills have piled up.  Maybe the mental stress of everything has just taken it's toll.  But through it all, they've kept a smile on their face, stayed positive and worked hard to do the right thing for them and their family.

Those are the people we want to say thank you too.  Tell us who your "personal rock star" is below as we have $600 worth of Smokey's gift cards to hand out.  (Thank you government stimulus check.)

Also, a reminder, if you are going to get some food for take out, check out the local places first.  Especially on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities.  The restrictions on the Illinois side have been much more strict and harder on the businesses.  Which is why we are happy that we are teaming up with Smokey's Country Diner on this.  Located at 561 17th Ave in East Moline, Smokey's has been a family run business for years.  BBQ and more with breakfast, lunch, diner and catering.  Check them out here!

Hook up somebody you know with $50 of feel good food at Smokey’s Country Diner from I-Rock 93.5!

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