As a father of a daughter I can totally relate to this man who bought his girl a swim suit from the 1800's.  You know, the "good ole days".  When girls weren't allowed to show anything above the ankle or she got called horrible words.

While I'm not THAT conservative I do wish some modesty would fall back into vogue some time soon.  Especially now that mine has just turned 13 this past week.

In fact we've had the conversation just this summer about how she should consider "never wearing that [bathing suit] in front of people".

Overprotective?  Maybe.  She's going to make her own decisions and find her own path but just out of "straight edge" still a thing?  How do I get my kids into that?  Maybe this is how they'll rebel.  They'll see their parents behavior and decide not to cuss, drink, or smoke anything.

Parenting is hard.  But having the internet at your finger tips may make things a whole lot easier if these types of swim suits are just a mouse click away.

If you're a teenage girl, this is the bathing suit your dad wants you to wear.  Think 1890s.  This girl played along and even completed the look by putting on the straw hat.  Her little sibling thinks she looks like Mary Poppins.

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