A world-famous Irish beer hopes to open its second U.S. taproom in the location of a historic Illinois rail yard, and if it all goes as planned its doors will be open by this St. Patrick's Day.

The new Guinness Chicago Taproom will open in a 15,000-space that is situated in the West Loop of Chicago at 375 N. Morgan Street, according to the press release from Diageo.

When the Guinness Taproom celebrates its opening on March 17, 2023, it will feature artwork that is all locally made, unique elements that will represent all of Chicago's 77 neighborhoods, and a rotating menu of beer will be offered, including some brews that will only be available at the Chicago Taproom.

The original Guinness stout will continue to be imported to the Chicago Taproom from the legendary brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

When the Guinness Chicago Taproom opens next month, it will employ 75 people, and the first U.S. Taproom for Guinness in Baltimore has welcomed more than 900,000 visitors since it opened in 2018.

The cuisine will also be part of the experience at the Guinness Taproom, where an outdoor patio space and restaurant is also planned for the property.

We are thrilled there will now be a place Chicagoans can come to enjoy the full Guinness experience, while also continuing to strengthen the rich fabric of Chicago's thriving hospitality community. -Sam Toia, President of the Illinois Restaurant Association

To read more about what's opening on St. Patrick's Day 2023 at the Guinness Chicago Taproom, CLICK HERE.

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