Monday (October 3rd) don't just start the week with work and a boring football game.  Start it with live music and your chance to be in a rock and roll music video.

The Rust Belt in East moline is going to be rocking with Hinder and special guests Skarlett Roxx and High Five Sinners.  Tickets are on sale now at, Coop Records, at the Daq Faq or by contacting The High Five Sinners or Skarlett Roxx direct on Facebook.  Plus, you can still win them by listening on Thursday and Friday (9/28 and 9/29) in the nooner.  Plus, you can win them right here. 

Who is Skarlett Roxx?

We had Jax and Deuce from Skarlett Roxx in the studio to talk about their upcoming show at The Rust Belt with Hinder and the High Five Sinners.  The full band includes them along with Ashton Harvey and Daniel Slade.

If you have not heard or seen Skarlett Roxx, you can expect a high-energy rock and roll show from front to back.  Duece says "It's old school rock and roll coming out new in 2022.  Back to its roots."  The guys have played The Rust Belt before opening for LA Guns.  With inspiration from Motley Crue, Van Halen, KISS, and others, Skarlett Roxx likes to put on a full show of sounds and sights.  Now you'll have to see that for yourself Monday at The Rust Belt, but if you have not heard them, you can right here.

So about that music video that will be shot on Monday.

The guys have told me they will have a new album coming this fall with 10 total tracks.  Some will be ones you may have heard from them before if you've seen them live.  Others will be completely new songs.

Monday Skarlett Roxx will be shooting the video for their song "Call Me Crazy".  It will be a live concert video of the song and all the footage around it.  I also asked them in the interview (below) if you have to take your top off to be in the video.  And no, you can keep your shirt on.  For some of us (like me), the only way we'll get in the video is if our shirt is on.  Just sayin.

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So come out to The Rust Belt Monday for some live music with tickets starting at $20 and maybe get in the video with Skarlett Roxx.  See you there.


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