We are all looking forward to warmer weather, but with that weather comes new things. With that, you may notice a dryer sheet in your mailbox. I promise it is there for a reason.

A random dryer sheet in your mailbox sounds weird I know... And some people have noticed these dryer sheets in their mailboxes. They're there for a reason, and it's actually kinda genius!

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Someone Put It There

If you see a dryer sheet in your mailbox odds are your mail carrier put the dryer sheet in there, and it's best that you leave it in there for their own safety. They know something we don't.

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The Reason For The Dryer Sheets

If you live in Iowa you know you're gonna be dealing with annoying bugs this summer.

Some bugs are more dangerous than annoying though. Wasps and yellowjackets are some of the worst bugs out there in the Midwest, heck there are even "Killer ones!" One place that wasps and yellowjackets like to hide out in is your mailbox.
To avoid having these insects build their nests in your mailbox, mail carriers will sometimes place scented dryer sheets in there. Apparently, wasps and yellowjackets hate them, seeing as though they strongly dislike strong aromas.

According to a mail carrier user on Reddit this trick should last as long as the smell does. It should keep wasps and yellowjackets away from your mailbox. This little trick can keep you and anyone going near your mailbox safe!

Changes For 2024

Over the last couple of years we have become a bit more focused about our property. You can request that you delivery person not to do this. All you need to do is clear out any hornets nests.

Stay safe this Spring and Summer!

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