Once called "The Wickedest City in America", Davenport, Iowa has a long and checkered past and October is the perfect month to hear tales of Davenport's terrifying haunted history.

The German American Heritage Center, downtown Davenport is hosting guided tours every Friday evenings and Saturday mornings this month complete with stories of murders, serial killers and which areas downtown that could be haunted.

The tours explore the seedy past of downtown Davenport. The gangsters, the thieves, the ghosts and the...German serial killer? You'll be amazed by what you didn't know! As the veil between our world and the spirit world gets thin- let's go take a walk.

The GAHC event is very popular and getting great reviews. In fact, last weekend's tours sold out. 

Event organizers suggest bringing a bottle of water and wearing comfortable walking shoes for the 90 minute tour. Tours are Friday, Oct. 15, @ 6:30 pm, Sat. Oct. 16 @ 10:30 am and 6:30 pm and Friday, Oct. 22  and Saturday, Oct. 23 @ 6:30 pm. 

Tours will book fast so book your tour now. The cost of the regular tour is $10 per person.
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If you're interested in the paranormal, there is an extended tour on October 29th that will be hosted by Aaron Thompson of Ghost Crier, a ghost hunting group from here in the Quad Cities.
This tour is an exclusive event, combining history, lore and paranormal experiences in one 2 hour tour. The cost of the extended tour is $20 plus $2.85 fee per person.
Here's where to book regular tours (8 dates and times to choose from):
Book the extended cut tour here.
Paranormal Extended Cut tour:
For more information see the GAHC Facebook and webpage.

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With a history of ghosts, it's safe to say the basement of our building is CREEPY!

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