Gas and air travel are both super expensive but we still want to take a few trips this summer. Luckily for us in the QC, there are some nifty places to do that.

Airbnb's can take on many forms. Lofts, barns, apartments, or in our case, cabooses, boats, and treehouses (all of which scream summer, really). Many times Airbnb's are close to something cool and make a nice change-up from a generic hotel.

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I rounded up some of the most unique Airbnb's that you can rent that are all within 4 hours of Davenport. Because #gas. They're spots that are good for the fams, a trip with the pals, and give you options on different atmospheres of where to stay.

Scroll down for pics of the Airbnb's and the links to book them but here are the ones we picked out:

Enchanted Garden Treehouse (Schaumburg, IL. $282/night)

The Lily Pad Boatel Houseboat (Sabula, IA. $185/night)

CR Station Train Caboose (Decorah, IA. $147/night)

Saylor Creek Hideaway Glamping Tent (Des Moines, IA. $164/night)

Even if your budget is running tight this summer, honestly all of these would be fun even in the fall. They all have close access to outdoor activities and pursuits, whether it's on the water or on land. Some have pretty nifty amenities that are included in the rentals too or some add-ons that you can choose to buy (including a teepee!). Check out the rentals below and see if you, your friends, or the kids might enjoy them!

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