This weekend we took over the parking lot at the Rock and Roll Mansion once again to host a concert.

Project X stopped by for an afternoon show of cover songs while you put in your requests on our Facebook page.  People watched from home and people came out to the show and watched it live.  Check out Project X on Facebook.

It started as rock as can be.  We were almost 100% set up ready to go, when the rain came down.  And it came down hard.  A bit of tarp and some time in the cars and we were back ready to rock.  After everything was dry and Project X did a sound check the show was ready to start.  Then the tornado sirens started.  But it looked clear over us.  So we rocked!  Thanks to Butch Ranew with Accidental Sound Services for providing the sound that rocked the entire neighborhood.

Check out the full video and photo gallery (Courtesy of Darren Schultz) below.  Will we do more of these?  Maybe.  Hopefully we'll be able to do them at venues soon.  If your band wants to get involved just hit us up on the I-Rock 93.5 Facebook page and we'll come up with some kind of idea.

Thank you for those who stopped by and made a donation to the Quad Cities Veterans Outreach Center.  Check out their info and make a donation to them anytime.

Project X

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