Nothing kills the mood in the Wrigley Field bleachers at a Chicago Cubs game like security destroying your Cup Snake. Here's how to keep that from happening.

Wrigley Field Cup Snake

Wrigley is not the only place you'll find fans participating in the tradition of creating what is known as a Cup Snake during games.

A cup snake is formed by stacking and connecting empty plastic (beer) cups into a long chain that resembles the same structure as a snake. The cups come from other fans throughout the game who catch a glimpse of your building project. You feel the camaraderie with fans of the opposing team during a Cup Snake build when they come to add their cup(s) to the end of your snake.

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The cup snake can grow to impressive lengths, and it becomes a visual representation of the excitement and the aforementioned camaraderie among the fans.

It's worth noting that specific stadium policies and regulations may vary, and the acceptance or prohibition of cup snakes may be subject to the rules and decisions of the venue management or event organizers. So, it's always a good idea to check with the stadium or event staff to determine if cup snakes are allowed in a particular venue.

Cup Snakes Are Allowed at Wrigley Field

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But, there are rules, and @GasStationJunky on Twitter shared them in a photo.


1. Must be sitting and down when ball is in play.

2. The beginning row cannot be any lower than Row 4

3. Cup Snake ends can be no longer than the top of the section

4. Cup additions must come from just the section - no crossing aisles, no combining

5. No throwing cups or fan can be ejected

6. No one under 21 can add to or hold the Cup Snake

7. Cup Snake will be dismantled down in the 8th inning

8. If the Cup Snake is interfering with fans or is making a negative impact on the fan experience it will be taken down.

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Getty Images, Canva
Getty Images, Canva
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I'd be willing to bet if the Cubs are several runs ahead, security might be a little 'flexible' on these Cup Snake rules. If it's one of those special nights at Wrigley, you might get the chance to forget about some of the rules.

@barstoolchicago shared the rules on Instagram. Check out the comments below.

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