If you haven't heard, most of Iowa is in an active blizzard warning. The sky is dropping freezing rain first, before then throwing some high winds and snow at us.

Well, you have a few options:

Iowa DOT has an option on their website to "TrackaPlow," which has an interactive map showing where the plows are, and you can even peak into a live dash camera inside the trucks. I like to pretend I'm driving them.


To see what it looks like in your neck of the woods, check out the window below. As of writing this, the website says there are 564 trucks active.

The blue camera icons are trucks with cameras that upload a photo every minute or so, the circle arrow icons are active trucks (each color with its own meaning), but you can also check the traffic cameras that provide a live video feed of different points along the interstate, even the Quad Cities' bridges.

Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT

Be safe out there today, and if you don't feel comfortable, don't go out.

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